As part of the Young Scholars Initiative at the Institute for New Economic Thinking

we offer our members access to a diverse international network

of scholars and practitioners including 5 Nobel Laureates


The FLE Working Group is part of the Young Scholars Initiative, which includes more than 20 Working Groups. You can find like minds and opportunities for collaboration.


Membership of the FLE Working Group gives you benefits including access to our online webinars and participation in sponsored events on current topics. 


Our members and mentors regularly publish Insights to provide the latest thinking on recent developments. We also circulate Working Papers from invited scholars.


Thanks to our cooperation with various institutions, we often receive calls for papers and announcements of opportunities directly and share these with our members.


Our invited speakers and mentors come from leading institutions around the world.

We also host sessions and panels with young scholars for them to develop their work. 


You can publicise your articles, events, and opportunities on our website.


Please contact us and we will review your submissions.


We also offer specific webinars and sponsored events to our members, targeting at soft skills development. Previous events include critical thinking with an

FT Editor and 

policy making at the European Parliament.  


As part of the YSI, we are able to offer travel support to selected participants and speakers on a needs and merits basis from among those chosen to attend our events.   

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