Our international team comprises 6 nationalities with professional fluency in 9 languages. This allows us to effectively represent our diverse members throughout the world. 


Most of us are qualified lawyers / legal scholars with economic and / or finance backgrounds. The interdisciplinary expertise enables us to provide the best solutions to the most challenging questions.




Luisa is a Ph.D. Candidate / Research and Teaching Assistant at Karl-Franzens University of Graz. She is also a Research Associate at University of Cambridge and a Research Fellow at University College London. Her thesis concerns the tax treatment of cryptocurrencies with a special focus on Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology. She received her LL.M. from the University of Udine (Italy) in 2015. Before starting her Ph.D., she interned at the European Investment Bank (Luxembourg) in 2013 and at the European Central Bank (Frankfurt am Main) in 2015.

Specialisms: International and European Tax Law, Innovation Law, European Law

Current Title: Doctoral Scholar at the Department of Tax and Fiscal Law, Karl-Franzens University of Graz (Austria)

Languages: English, Italian, German


del Barrio


Cecilia is an Argentine lawyer and holds a LL.M. in Comparative Law, Economics and Finance from International University College of Turin, Italy. She has served as legal counsel to both the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Religion and the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, and has collaborated as an assistant professor at the Philosophy of Law Department (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina), and at the Department of Economics and Management (University of Trento). 

Specialisms: Financial and Banking Regulation, Central Banking, Regulatory Governance 

Current Title: Doctoral Candidate at the School of International Studies, University of Trento

Languages: English, Spanish, Italian 

Aleksandar Stojnović


Aleksandar is a Lecturer at International University College of Turin. His Ph.D. project involves empirical research on property transformation and development in the context of large scale land acquisitions in Nigeria. He has published on legal diversity and economic analysis of property law, public food procurement in EU and the tragedy of commons.

Specialisms: Comparative Property Law, International Investment Law, Law and Economics

Current Title: Ph.D. Candidate at University of Turin / University of Ghent

Languages: English, French, Italian, Serbo-Croatian

Roxana Vatanparast


Roxana is a Ph.D. Candidate in Law & Institutions at the University of Turin and a Visiting Researcher at the Institute for Global Law & Policy at Harvard Law School. Her thesis concerns international law, big data, and shifting conceptions of property, sovereignty, and territoriality in the digital age. She holds a LL.M. from the International University College of Turin and a J.D. from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. She is an attorney licensed to practice in California and has practiced at two global law firms in the areas of commercial law and financial law. 


Specialisms: International Law, Law and Technology, Commercial Law

Current Title: Ph.D. Candidate, University of Turin

Languages: English, Persian, Italian

Christina Refhilwe Mosalagae 


Christina is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Turin. She obtained her LL.M. from Cornell University in 2014, with a focus on Constitutional Law and Comparative Law; and her LL.M. in Constitutional and Administrative Law from the University of Pretoria in 2016, while completing her articles of clerkship at the University of Pretoria Law Clinic. In 2018 she completed the masters in Comparative Law, Economics and Finance at the International University College of Turin.


Specialisms: Comparative Law, Constitutional Property Law and International Investment Law

Current Title: Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Turin

Languages: English, Setswana, Afrikaans




Christopher has worked at leading law and consulting firms in the UK, Germany, and Greater China. He is completing his Dr. iur. on hedge fund regulation in China and Europe. Previously, he obtained an M.Sc. in Law and Finance at the University of Oxford, where he won the Oxford BNY Mellon Prize.

He has published on the trust industry and given lectures, presentations, and workshops across Europe. As well as being Coordinator since 2016, he is the lead designer for the FLE website.   

Specialisms: Financial Regulation, Corporate Finance Law, Corporate Governance 

Current Title: Doctoral Scholar at House of Finance at Goethe University Frankfurt

Languages: English, Chinese, German, Taiwanese

​Maria Schweinberger


Maria is a bankruptcy and banking attorney educated in Brazil, Germany, and the U.S. and a Ph.D. candidate researching law in finance and macroeconomics. She looks at the financial system from a holistic perspective and is interested in the greater tends in the sector. Currently her work focuses on (i) crisis planning in the post-trading landscape (Brexit and insolvency scenarios) and (ii) the technological changes in the post-trading landscape under way.


Specialisms: G-SIB and bank regulation, payment and settlement systems, financial stability

Current Title: Law Clerk at the Circuit Court of Berlin, Germany 

Languages: English, German, Portuguese, French

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