Pre-WINIR workshop on “Finance, Law and Economics in East Asia” 

On the 14th September 2018, we held our pre-WINIR workshop on “Finance, Law and Economics in East Asia” in Hong Kong. This YSI workshop (the first in Asia for some time) was jointly organised by the East Asia and Finance, Law & Economics Working Groups and  was held in collaboration with WINIR and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Our focus was on the future of financial technology and its impacts in East Asia, which has emerged as a leading region and hub for these new technologies. In the morning, we were glad to have Prof. Angela Daly, Prof. Michelle Miao and Dr. Mahdi Miraz from CUHK Faculty of Law who presented their works on regulatory responses to technology in China. In the afternoon, young scholars presented their papers on economic and policy issues arising from the development of financial technology to discuss the future for, and challenges of, fin-tech. We were delighted that Professor Geoffrey Hodgson joined us to act as a discussant for young scholars.

Beyond regulatory responses by local monetary authorities, fintech and cryptocurrencies have deeper social, political and cultural implications. In the workshop we explored these issues with the aim of achieving a critical understanding of their place in the structural transformation of modern economies and potential diverging paths forward in their further development.

WINIR CONFERENCE 2018: YSI FLE PANEL "Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies"

Within the WINIR Conference 2018, the Finance, Law and Economics workingr group has also organized a panel "Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies".

The following papers were presented:

"The path toward compliant public blockchains” by Marco Crepaldi;

“The future of the law is crypto? Pause the blockchain legal revolution” Kelvin Low & Eliza Mik;

“The role of cryptocurrencies intermediaries from a tax law perspective” Luisa Scarcella.

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